lose weight fast and safeDieting would not help to lose weight fast and safe if not done properly. It can result to nutrients deficiency and could alter the metabolic phase of individuals. Therefore there is a need to find ways on how to lose weight fast and safe.

People who go through crash diets can end up hurting their long term fitness goals. They can lose weight for several months then gain it all back because of the wrong methods done during their dieting period. The human body reacts with what is happening around it. It is designed to protect the vital organs and it gets affected by certain dieting tricks.The goal is to avoid decreasing the metabolic rate. Avoid the drastic cutting of calories and starvation of the body.

So how does one lose weight fast and safe?

Lose Weight Fast and Safe: Drink a Lot of Water Every Day

Make sure to have 10-12 glasses. Make sure that the water is cold—the colder, the better—the more calories the body will need to warm up the body. If you dislike pure water, then you can try adding lemon or flavouring it with cucumber. But do not use any sugar or artificial sweeteners because this will ruin the diet plan.

Lose Weight Fast and Safe: Choose Eating More Lean Meat

You can eat skinless chicken breast, green vegetables, nuts, peanut, almonds, pistachio, walnuts and tuna, fish products, flax seeds, flax oil, olive oil and foods that have EFA supplements in them. Fruits are also good; make sure that you have 5 small meals all throughout the day.

Lose Weight Fast and Safe: Consult your Doctor

Make sure that there would be no health problems to be encountered with the change of your diet. It would be best if you can get a dietician to help plan your meals according to your health condition. If you are under medication or have heart problems, it would be best to go to the doctor first and ask the right thing to do before you proceed on your exercise routine. This is to make sure that your medication will not be altered.

Some exercise routines can be too high impact and this could end up hurting you. In order to lose weight fast and safe it would be best to check the kind of exercise you will experiment on. If you have major heart problems, it would be best to stick to walking exercises first before proceeding on other high impact routine. If you can afford it, it would be best to get a personal trainer. You can find helpful suggestions and hints from them.

You can also watch the show “The Biggest Loser” and learn different exercise techniques from the trainers in that show. Make sure to study the benefits of moderate to intense cardio and the use of strength training with light to medium weights. Make sure to exercise 30 minutes every day or at least three times a week.

You can also try whey protein shakes, multivitamins and L-glutamine supplements after an intense workout. If you are undergoing strength training, make sure that you do not overwork the muscles. Give the muscles time to repair it and eat protein rich foods. There is no need to overwork the muscles. 1 hour of gym workout is enough to lose weight fast and safe.