njoy electronic cigarette reviewWhile reviews do provide insights they have a tendency to become subjective, which is why when I wrote this Njoy electronic cigarette review. I prefer to stay with the facts and to allow the reader to educate themselves and decide if the brand is worth trying.

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: How does Njoy Function

It is a non-flammable cigarette that functions using microelectronic technology. This means that it works by recharging the batteries every now and then. It also has replaceable cartridges just like other electronic cigarette brands. The membrane contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine, tobacco scent and flavorings. The vaporizing quality of this gadget still releases simulated smoke, but the vapor mist that comes out will just remain in the air for a few seconds. This is good news for smokers because they can still get the psychological satisfaction of smoking.

Users can basically enjoy the physical sensation of smoking minus the hassles of regular tobacco use. It does not contain tar, ash, carbon monoxide and it is odorless. Smokers can use it anywhere without worrying that they will break smoking ban laws. There is no need to feel social isolation because of smoking habits, no annoying glances from other people and best of all the refill cartridges are literally cheaper than buying real cigarettes.

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: What are the Main Ingredients of the Njoy Electronic Cigarette Brand?

It contains propylene glycol, water and nicotine flavor to simulate the taste of traditional smoking.  The ingredient propylene glycol has been approved by the food and drug administration, it is also being used for food products, cosmetics and medicines; it is also used as food coloring and flavoring. However, the use for simulation smoke has not yet been included. The water used in this brand has undergone reverse osmosis process to make sure that it is clean. It also contains nicotine but with lower quantity and ethanol which is also found in alcoholic beverages. Other ingredients will include glycerin that contains caloric macronutrient and guaiacol, myosmine and vanilla flavoring.

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: How Long Does the Cartridge of Njoy Electronic Cigarette Last?

It will really depend on the person using it. If the person does not usually consume the entire pack of regular cigarettes in a day then it will last longer. When there is very little vapor coming out, the smoker just has to make sure that the battery is fully charged and that the cartridge is installed properly.

Smokers can also replace the cartridge to make the smoking experience better. It is recommended that that cartridge must be stored in a clean, cool and dry place to prevent it from getting destroyed. No liquid must enter the product so that the warranty would not be void.


Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: What are the Strengths and Flavors of Njoy

It has the regular strength which contains 18mg of nicotine. The light version which has 12 mg, the ultra light with only 6 mg of nicotine and zero nicotine strength. It has tobacco, menthol, vanilla, apple and strawberry flavor.

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: How long does the Battery Charge Last?

If it is fully charged then it will last for 3 days, after that the intensity of the energy will go down and it will need to be recharged again. It would be best to charge the extra battery and bring it just to be sure. It can be fully charged for just 3 hours.

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: What does It Look like?

The njoy cig is very stylish it is likened to the black and white burgundy colors which were very trendy in the 1900s. It only weighs 0.8 oz. and measures 6 inches in length, which makes it very handy to bring anywhere.

It literally can be enjoyed anywhere because it does not contain carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins.  It can even be used in restaurants and places where it is usually unlawful to smoke.

However, one must remember that since it looks like the real thing people can get confused. And this product is only intended for people 18 years and above. It cannot be used by children and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding as well as people who have high blood pressure, diabetes,  or people who are taking medication for insomnia, depression and asthma.

It also must not be used by people who are sensitive to nicotine. It must be out of reach of children and pets because some of the pieces are very tiny and can be harmful when ingested.

Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review: What are the Warranty Regulations of Njoy Electronic Cigarette?

It is a must to purchase the njoy from authorized dealers in order to take advantage of the warranty card. The warranty card provides 12 months from the date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product you can contact their customer service by going to www. Njoycigarettes.com. Now that’s an unbiased Njoy electronic cigarette review.