Procera AVH Scam

procera AVH scamThere are many medicines out there in the market today and many researchers have put in their time as well as their effort in making sure that these medicines, including supplements, help those who are having bouts with depression as well as those who would want to have an optimally functioning brain. One such supplement is Procera AVH. However, there are people who think that this supplement is a fake. In other words, Procera AVH scam. But before knowing why there are those who think that it’s a scam, you should know what Procera AVH is all about.


Procera AVH is made with the strictest methods and only using 100% natural ingredients. It’s made in order to help the brain achieve its optimum levels. It’s made from the most effective, the most natural and the safest ingredients that have been recorded to work for centuries. This discounts claims of a Procera AVH scam.


Procera AVH’s primary ingredient is Vinpocetine, which is obtained from a plant known as the periwinkle. This substance is believed to dilate blood vessels, which then results in an increase of blood flow to the brain, enhances the way the brain uses oxygen as well as protects its cells from damage. The substance is also known to increase attention span, memory plus concentration.


As one gets older, a number of vital neurotransmitters in the brain degenerate. One such neurotransmitter is acetycholine. This specific neurotransmitter is essential when it comes to muscle movement and is known to change the heart’s muscle contractions. When it reaches low levels, that’s the time when the memory dulls, the concentration drops and the focus lessens. Apart from the onset of age degenerating neurotransmitters, blood flowing to the brain lessens as well, meaning there isn’t much oxygen, glucose and other vital substances going to it. This can then affect how one goes about everyday activities.


Aside from Vinpocetine, Procere AVH also has Huperzine A and Acetyl-I- carnitine. Huperzine A functions to reduce the production of an enzyme that is known to break down acectylcholine and this enzyme is known as acetylcholinesterase. Meanwhile, Acetyl-I-carnitine is responsible for the brain’s energy supply. It focuses on what the mitochondrion, which is the cell’s energy generator, does. It also assists in acetycholine’s biosynthesis. Having the three primary ingredients is going to bring out the optimum level of the brain’s functions. What’s better is that the three primary ingredients have been proven to be safe as well as very effective.

So Where’s the Procera AVH Scam There?


Procera AVH does not have any stimulants compared to other supplements of its kind. However, before you go on and make a purchase for this particular supplement, it is recommended that you first consult your doctor especially if you happen to be taking in blood thinners. The supplement does not have any side effects whatsoever as long as you take the right dosage.

Procera AVH Scam: Why It’s the Other Way Around

The supplement really does improve one’s memory, concentration as well as focus, but is it a Procera AVH scam? Well, according to many of those who’ve made use of it, Procera AVH does indeed work but in order to make an informed decision about making a purchase for some, you should look at the supplement’s advantages and disadvantages. This can help you determine whether the procera AVH scam really has a basis. First, here are the pros:


  1. It works and fairly quickly too – Procera AVH is the only brain supplement that’s been clinically proven to enhance concentration, focus, memory and brain function. It enables the improvement of the functions of the brain by increasing the blood flow towards it as well as increasing the brain’s metabolic activity. Within a period of 30 days, a lot of users have begun noticing dramatic improvements in their respective alertness levels and attention spans. Among others.
  2. It has been proven safe and does not have harmful side effects – The supplement does not have any side effects, except that it might give you an upset stomach if you take it in without eating anything. Also, if you have a headache, it is recommended that you take in Procera at a later time as doing so can make your headache worse.
  3. You have a 90 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it – If you happen to not be completely satisfied with the supplement, you could get your hard-earned money back within the span of 90 days sans shipping and handling.


Now, for the cons, or in this case, disadvantage:


The supplement is a bit costly – Procera costs almost $40, $39.95 to be exact. However, you do get your money’s worth since this is currently the best brain supplement in the market today. It is comparatively better than the other brands. It’s even better compared to ginkgo biloba. This plus the other brands take a few months to be effective. When you take in Procera, you notice results in the first 30 days and the results it brings are five times better compared to the other brands. With all this proofs, how can you say that there is a Procera AVH scam? There is definitely no Procera AVH scam.